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Euro-Technics Aluminium balconies and add-on terraces

They add few more square meters to the usable space of an apartment.

They ensure the exceptional comfort for every home-dweller.

Unbelievably quick and not tedious assembly, few formalities.

The whole aluminium construction provides remarkable durability and aesthetic.

Modern – quality and colour scheme unreachable to any other technology available.

Perfect for new just like the old buildings.

Affordable price – discounts for housing cooperatives and communities.

Balconies and add-on terraces escalate significantly the market value of your apartment.

Add-on balconies

Add-on balconies are modern, exceptionally durable and aesthetic balconies assembled on independent load-bearing poles adjoined to the building elevation. Big balconies can also serve as terraces and if fully covered they can also be winter gardens. In case of small apartments, add-on balconies can be ideal and relatively cheap way to expand the usable space. What’s important is that the assembly of such add-on balcony is quick and doesn’t burden the home-dwellers with lengthy construction period consisting of hammering, dusting or vibration.

The experience shows that building concrete or any other material balconies with the same parameters is usually more expensive, more labour-intensive and invasive. You cannot achieve the similar standard of construction if you were to use other materials like concrete or steel.

Aluminium balconies