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Supporting structure of aluminium balconies.

The swift assembly time and interesting visual value allow the use of such balconies in nearly every type of architecture. The execution dependant on client’s preferences, the choice of colour and eventual look, also adjusted to client’s desire, allow the designing of unique constructions.

The supporting poles, just like the framework of the platform, connectors, anchors are made from adequately designed constructional aluminium structurals. Respectively chosen aluminium alloy ensures high durability while bearing static and dynamic loads. The use of aluminium profiles protects the construction from corrosion.

The support to the construction are supporting poles that are mounted and are the foundation of the whole structure. As a general rule they are fixed to the front of the balcony. This system of support is recommended in new construction, old facades with cut-off balconies and to buildings made of hard building materials. Euro-Technics balconies of modest mass can withstand very high loads. What is surprising is that add-on balconies are built on height of several floors.

The durability of our balconies is incomparable with other materials like concrete or steel. The longevity of balconies, with favourable weather conditions, can be as long as even few dozen years. The lack of heat loss after using the add-on balconies has a significant influence on the environment. After comparing the energetic audits and paralleling the big heat loss while using concrete balconies with the exceptionally slight heat loss of Euro-Technics balconies, has also economical aspect and it speaks on our behalf as well.

Drainage system

Euro-Technics balconies have very thought-through and efficient drainage system. In most of the traditional balconies (concrete or steel ones) the rain water dips down on lower floors, often flooding them and creating damp patches what in consequence leads to the damage to the building.

In case of our balconies the rain water is under full control – the whole amount of water is directed to the inside of the balcony with deliberately shaped canals. Then it is directed through aluminium pipes to building drainpipes where it goes to collective drainage canals.

The add-on balconies platforms.

In the West Europe these are usually enforced concrete tiles, and it results from the fondness of the citizens to such materials. The fillings imitating wood or stone can be encountered and that type of platforms reaches a new height of popularity in our country.

Aluminium add-on balconies

Often, during desire of expanding or renovating buildings made with old technique, a problem might arise with the durability of the materials the building has been built with.

In that case we can use our second, alternative way of assembly based on four or two supporting poles. As the name shows, that type of balcony is mounted directly to building façade, however it rests on its own construction. This system is self-supporting, so it doesn’t need to be anchored to the building, no fastening or clamping required and it makes the assembly quicker. According to used balcony construction, it’s settlement is done on previously prepared foundation. The mounting to the additional constructions protects the balcony from the wind and eventual fall. Aluminium balconies are the perfect alternative to classical balconies if we take into the account the time spent on assembly.

Previously balconies were built on enlarged steel supporting beams of each floor. Now this style is imitated with special aluminium profiles in special architect solutions. This type of resolution is profitable because the aluminium balcony systems require less time spent on renovating them, they require no painting or maintenance in comparison to classical balconies. They are built in place of concrete, already existing balconies that through its integral attachment to the building, cause significant chilling. Often come into play the balconies that are supported on two or four supporting poles.

All of the Euro-Technics balconies can be powder painted in any colour according to the RAL colour palette, the fillings can be adjusted in similar fashion as nearly all of the modern materials can be used, staring with traditional glass, through polycarbonate, plexiglass, enamelled perforated metal sheets, up to adequately impregnated wood. The elements of the filling can be arranged in various ways using materials with different colours and texture avoiding the feeling of monotony.