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The offer for developers

Why in building that are being created it is good to use our modern aluminium balconies and added terraces.

Nowadays it’s harder and harder to sell or rent apartment without balcony or with tiny concrete balconies. Concrete balcony covered by tiles, framed with steel railing makes us think of 60s or 70s standards. It also makes building look like old one. Concrete balconies bring huge number of problems during the developing stage as well as during exploitation. Contractors not really want to create them because they’re aware of problems that they will have to fix. Also developers have awareness that concrete balcony with tiles will be the Achilles’ heel of every building.

That’s why balconies are designed to be very small or even people resigned from them. A kind of alternative are ready add-on or hanging balconies made often in a form of galvanised steel cages mounted to the façade of the building. It is of course indirect solution, because of major resultant forces acting on the building the only possibility is a tiny balcony. Another malady of that solution is the aesthetic of execution – in the situation of loft composition it is an acceptable solution, however if we are talking about the traditional building methods of single or double family houses, the bridge cage is completely out of the question. The buildings equipped with steel hanging balconies or add-on balconies make an impression of cheap construction and low standards of execution. It’s known that people often judge the building only by how their façade or elevation look like. A steel balcony, most often fixed on screws, strikes the eye with raw form bringing the image of an industrial catwalk or a crane to our minds. Especially because the floor is made most often of openwork steel sheets or steel shapers.

Buildings made in such way are simply losing their value in the moment of its construction. Euro-Technics company has put as its goal the elimination of all bad standards that have arisen throughout the balcony construction industry known to the market.

1. Problem – The balcony tiles that fall off
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The balcony tiles that fall off

Who didn’t encounter balcony tiles falling off?
These fall off always, it is only a matter of time. This phenomenon is most often noticed in outdoors extreme weather conditions. Tilers can take only a little of the blame because the biggest problem of tiles falling off is the amplitude of fluctuating temperature that reaches peaks of 80 degrees Celsius that no glue will survive. Experts on tiling the balconies say that no amount of care or craftmanship is enough to make tiles last forever. Developers have high hopes that the house with tiled balcony that they’re selling will survive until the warrant expires. Unfortunately, all it takes is only one frosty winter that starts the problems. The seller’s reputation also takes a hit as the buyer after seeing the tiles falling off in such short time will worry about the state of the rest of the house.

Euro-Technics solution:

We don’t use tiles that are glued to the floor, instead, a new patented technology is used where thick tiles (40 millimetres) are placed on specially formed floor made of aluminium with EPDM seals. If the tiles ren’t glued, they can’t fall off. These Euro-Technics tiles are 400mm x 400mm with the thickness of 40 mm. Because of the perfect fit of aluminium framework of the balcony the tiles aren’t moving. No gaps between will render it completely protected against weather conditions while the thickness makes the tiles very durable against chipping or breaking. The floor can be filled with composite panels or such modern materials like HPL sheets. People walking on such floor will nearly instantly fell like they can trust the workmanship of the balcony craft. Potential buyer fells that the can also trust the developer.

2. The problem of stains under the balconies from upper floors, flooding of the balconies and walls beneath, falling icicles.
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flooding of the balconies and walls beneath

Rain water, as well as melted snow or ice, will drip down the wall or straight off the balcony making a small waterfall. The polluted air makes this water dirty which splashes on the walls or windows. Freshly painted or plastered will take on the greyish colour after a while, and the plaster will be rinsed out. The tilted surface of the balcony to the outside makes a dangerous situation where the melted snow or ice will move, making icicles. It is a great danger for people, animals or equipment beneath the balcony, also, the freezing and melting of the water will destroy the tiled balcony.

Euro-Technics solution:

We move the slope towards the centre of the balcony, that way the water won’t fall off the sides or won’t make icicles because of the gravity. It would seem like we made ourselves an even bigger problem, however, the massive tiles aren’t permanently fixed to the floor. It allows for the free flowing of the water through the centre of the balcony onto the especially constructed bottom. We decided it would be better when the rain water will be able to flow freely with no obstructions. From the stainless aluminium the rain water will flow straight to the internal drain pipe and then to the central drain pipe. With this idea we managed to fix all of our problems that we have with traditional concrete balconies. Our solution is working mostly because of the specially designed aluminium systemic profiles. The practicality of this solution is that we don’t have to worry about flooding the neighbour living below while cleaning our balcony.

3. The design, aesthetics and durability of balcony craft.
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Lack of uniformity and aesthetics of the decor of concrete balconies

Seeing the concrete balconies, a potential buyer will subconsciously think of the offered house as a boring one. They will look for something special that will differentiate it from all of the other offers. It can be spacious garden, a pool but in most cases it is the place where they will be able to spend their free time. The lack of the balcony or small concrete balcony with steel railing will make a lot of potential buyers to look for other offers.

“The standard of balcony craft is nowadays very high. It is unthinkable for the balcony to bring us to the old times. All of the elements that surround the resting man have to be of an exceptional craft.

Euro-Technics solution:

We derive from using concrete or plain steel. We decided that the whole balcony construction has to be made of aluminium. The poles, the floor, draining system. The second metal we use would be stainless steel, with a few elements that are made of it like screws or connectors. There is no plain steel or galvanised steel. The use of powder coated aluminium profiles as a base construction material makes us certain that we won’t have to deal with corrosion of the balcony. We won’t get such an aesthetic of the craft in other technologies. The Euro-Technics processing system of the aluminium makes every detail prestigious because of the care it’s been designed and made. As a balcony filling we can use most available materials such as: matte glass, perforated aluminium sheets as well as fashionable and durable HPL sheets. We have to remember that the correct combination of these materials will increase the prestige of every house.

We decided that if the traditional glued tiles will fall off, then we won’t use them and instead we will use thicker and durable 40 mm ones. They won’t crack because of their thickness and to not let them move, we fit them in the special frame. We know that people who saw Euro-Technics balconies will rather not change back to concrete.

4. The balcony – necessary evil or a good investment?
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Blinds on balconies - no balcony

If we want to sell a house we want to put ourselves in the shoes of the potential buyer. We all want a place where during a nice weather will want to spend time outside. We also know that the balcony construction during the construction of the house is especially hard and troublesome especially when the surface of the balcony is big. Just as troublesome and expensive is the need to add a balcony to already existing building. It connects with many problems already on the design level, later the construction and the exploitation or in the other words: warranty. The amount of problems concrete balconies causes the developers to give up on them entirely. The reason is that the number of problems what arise during construction and exploitation.

Euro-Technics solution:

Euro-Technics company can design balcony and terraces to nearly every building. The standard of the craft is practically unreachable in other technologies. What is important is that the add-on balconies are delivered to the construction site in prefabricated state, and that means they are already assembled. It saves a lot of time and doesn’t cause any stops. Our aluminium balconies are deprived of faults that concrete balconies are suffering form. Over dozen balconies can be installed in one day. Developers say that houses that have spacious balconies with good standards of craft have bigger value and are sold much faster and better.

5. Small balcony, a normal balcony or terrace?
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Old, corroded concrete balconies and their substitutes

What do we put on the building that we want to sell? A small balcony, a normal one or a terrace? It would seem that the best solution would be to build a small balcony because of the small costs and then tell not mention the size to the client.

Euro-Technics solution:

In theory the best solution would be to sell the small balcony that resembles a terrace, however, the cost of small balcony per square meter is much higher than the cost of terrace per square meter. Why those differences exist? Well, a lot of operations are static, no matter if we construct the terrace or add-on balcony. The foundation of the balcony being one of those static, unavoidable expenditures. The same foundation can serve for either one balcony as well as the whole column of balconies or terraces. The supporting poles and draining system are the similar situation. It doesn’t matter if we will put four poles under a big terrace or small balcony. The length of drain pipes won’t depend on the size of the balcony. The dependencies that we mentioned make the price of such balconies and terraces drop with the raising size, therefore you will be able to find the client faster because of the bigger space available to outdoor rest.

6. How can you sell a building with average shape and form with a profit?
An old, decaying, unattractive concrete balcony
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The huge part of objects are the simple shaped buildings with uninteresting architecture. The downtown the biggest number of building are tenement houses of even pre-war times, surrounded by neighbourhoods consisting the small single-family houses as well as multi-family houses. Buyers nowadays look for something more and are ready to pay subsequently more for a modern and functional shape of building.

Euro-Technics solution:

Nowadays standards call not only for great interior decoration but for the functionality of the exterior shape. The client looks for beautiful and pleasant place to rest. Today modest plot lands won’t let us have big gardens, therefore the only option left are balconies or terraces. The experience we gained throughout years let us create a quick balcony and terrace assembly We adjusted our constructions so the formalities connected with balcony mounting will be as easy and cheap as they are possible. The prefabrication helps in this regard.

All of our balconies and terraces are made with Polish and European rules in mind (The exception are Arabic countries where rules are really different from ours.) For example, with a minimum of 20 pieces we will take the care of the permissions, project and agreements costs. It lets developers and building owners off the duty of getting formalities and paying any additional costs. As aforementioned, we can help with designing the balcony arrangement as well as choosing the elements that will make original effect at a reasonable price. It is commonly said that constructing balconies is very expensive. However, the experience shows that the prefabrication of balconies makes the price drop further than we expect. Using other technologies, we would have to pay much more if we want to reach the level of our standards not even taking the time that it would take in account.

7. Time is money. Which balconies are faster and cheaper to assemble.

We have four possibilities if we want to add the balcony or terrace. They are different in price, the time of assembly and formalities. The choice isn’t simple as the careless configuration can bring more troubles than use.

a) Concrete balcony or concrete half-fabricate is cheap only in thoughts. The practice shows that costs and time consumed grows to horrendous size because of the price of forcing, pumps is added to the huge costs of creating of floor, glaze or sheet processing. The whole process is also slowed down by the need for the concrete to set.

b) Steel prefabricated balconies are most often small sized. Even though their assembly time is relatively faster, their standard is in these days unacceptable with latter repair work needed.

Euro-Technics solution:

c) Aluminium balconies and terraces of Euro-Technics system are made according to exact client’s demands. Measurements of the balcony are established, as well as the making standard, the colours and materials. Ready balconies are delivered on construction site and right from the truck, they are transported onto the building’s elevation. The assembly take no more than a while and doesn’t disturb any other building processes. No other jobs are burdened that makes our system and organization unique in comparison to other technologies.