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Installation of Euro-Technics add-on balconies

Assembly instruction and guide

2. Constructing a balcony. Assembly of the balcony. Independent balconies – foundation
instrukcja montażu balkonów fundamenty

In case of already existing buildings, the next step is to make strip footing for the balconies or add-on terraces. After precise measurements, the excavation should be made with help of the excavator. The soil under the strip footings should be concentrated with help of jumping jack compactor. The foundation under the aluminium add-on balconies will be cast with concrete at the construction site or delivered there in prepared state. In some situations, using prefabricated foundations will speed up the assembly process as the vehicle delivering the prefabricates can pick up the surplus of soil while going back. Often the whole process will take no more than few hours, therefore the greenery in the excavation site can be saved. If the building is being constructed then the strip footings under the modular balconies are prepared while the building’s foundations are being made. The work needed to prepare the foundation is quite quick, therefore, it is worth to collect the turf before the excavation and put it back around the foundation after the work is done.