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Installation of Euro-Technics add-on balconies

Assembly instruction and guide

Roofing the balcony or the terrace
instrukcja montażu balkonów

The last floor’s balcony can be roofed with a roof made out of polycarbonate. Just like all of the elements, the roof is prefabricated. In order to assuring the full protection against corrosion, all of the elements are made out of specially designed and systemic aluminium profile equipped with EPDM gaskets. In this situation the roof prefabrication helps and speeds up the process of the assembly. The roof is transported ready to assemble to the construction site where, with a help of crane is moved from the car to the last floor of the building. In some cases, if it’s possible, a balcony is transported with the roof already attached to it. Roofing of the balcony or terrace can be filled with glass chosen from a wide range of materials, however the most popular one is cellular polycarbonate. In case the roof is facing the south, we advise getting polycarbonate in milky colour (opal). It reduces the phenomenon of solar glare, lowering the heating up of the space under the balcony roof. If the roof is facing north or east, then we advise getting see-through polycarbonate (crystal).