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Installation of Euro-Technics add-on balconies

Assembly instruction and guide

Balcony near the building
instrukcja montażu balkonów przy budynku

Assembly of the balcony is done with the help of a crane or forklift and it is only used to take it off the transporting car and moving it directly on it’s place on the balcony elevation. Its holes are slid on the four previously prepared supporting poles and hitching the balcony to the anchors fixed to the elevation.

What is interesting is that the modern aluminium Euro-Technics balconies are transported and mounted with the filling in shape of tiles for example. It saves a lot of time on the mounting and doesn’t burden residents with cutting the tiles and other similar jobs. The balcony near the building is held and stabilized through the system of anchors and consoles. All of the connectors of balcony are made of thick walled aluminium profiles.